Special Events

Whiskey & Wine Tasting

Whiskey on the Rocks

Come and try our personal picks for great whiskeys and wines from our stock. Experts will be on hand to explain all the exsquisite nuances of fine wines and bold whiskies. Representatives from Gallow Wines and Jamesons will be available to speak with you.

August 28th

Acoustic Guitar Night

Man playing guitar

Enjoy beautiful accoustic guitar melodies while you dine and take in the wonderful atmosphere. Some of the most talented local artist will be here to relax your soul and ease you mind.

August 29th, September 14th, October 20th

Jazz and Blues Evening

Man playing saxaphone

Come inside and sit for a while as our various local artists take you on a beautiful journey of cool melodies and smooth notes. Enjoy a special tasting menu prepared for just this event.

September 17th

Open Mic Night

Weathered microphone on a stage

Want to be a star or just play and sing? Bring your voice, instrument or sheet music and share your amazing gift with the crowd.

September 28th, October 7th, November 10th

Diner Request

House band playing requests in a dimly lit restaurant

Do you want to hear a favorite song of yours? Just ask our house band to play anything you want to hear from the realm of Soul, Jazz and maybe even a little Funk.

October 3rd, October 12th, November 11th

Recurring Events

Cajun Delights

Crawfish in a big Cajun Seafood Boil

Y'all c'mon down and enjoy our weekly Delectable Cajun Menu.


B.B.Q. Night

Half Rack of Ribs with French Fries

Wednesday Night is our BBQ Dining experience. Come taste our Down South BBQ selections.


Special Tastings

Special small menu selection for tastings

If you like to try new things, then this is for you. We try new and innovative food designs and want you to share in the love.